The best way to get cheaper car insurance is by comparison shopping quotes from different providers. The rates you pay will take into account numerous factors. These include the type of car you are driving, your age, gender, and driving history, among many other rate factors. 

Premiums will vary quite a bit from one provider to another, often by more than $600 or more per year. Comparing rates is the first thing you should do on your journey to get the cheapest auto insurance

how to get cheap car insurance

Premiums vary so much because each carrier assesses risk profiles and risk metrics differently. With Amigo Insurance Companies’ free rate quote tool, you can receive the cheapest quotes from the top providers and decide which company you like the best without any obligation to purchase a policy. 

Compare rates from Amigo Insurance Company and see how easy it is to save hundreds in a few short minutes. Enter your zip code to get started now.  

Getting Cheap Auto Insurance Requires a Few Simple Steps 

Getting the cheapest auto insurance for the type of coverage you need can be daunting. There are many factors that need to be considered when you are trying to decide which company deserves your hard-earned money. The policy cost is one of the most important factors because most people have budgets and can’t go over a certain amount per month. 

The best thing to do is begin your search by comparing rates from as many providers as you can. Don’t just go with the large insurers like State Farm and Progressive Insurance. Get quotes from the smaller, regional insurers. You can often get cheaper rates from regional companies specializing in a specific market. 

The next step is getting the amount of coverage that protects you but don’t overdo it. Your insurance limits should reflect the assets you are protecting. If you are worth $100,000, then you should get coverage limits of that amount or even higher. 

After you have reviewed several quotes, add in your discounts. You would be surprised how many discounts you could possibly qualify for. Popular discounts include:

  • Good Student Discount 
  • Active Military and Veterans 
  • Teacher
  • Senior Citizen Discount for drivers over 55
  • Enhanced Safety Features like Surround Airbags
  • Bundling Auto and Home Insurance

To lower your auto insurance bill, bundle your homeowners and vehicle policies. With Amigo Insurance, you can save about $350 each year by bundling. This will save you hundreds per year and get rid of making multiple payments. Contact an Amigo Insurance agent today for information about the benefits bundling. Call now to get a free quote over the phone.     

Consider Increasing your Deductible 

A lot of people think a low deductible is a good thing. If you are a safe driver that has never had a previous at-fault accident, it might be a good idea to raise your deductible to $1,000 and higher. This is a sure way to lower your premiums while at the same time not affecting the quality of the coverage you are getting. 


A higher deductible simply means the dollar amount that you are responsible to pay before the insurance kicks in. With a deductible of $1,000, you might not even want to file a claim for minor mishaps like a small chip on your windshield or a tiny dent that can be repaired for a few hundred. 

Check Rates Every Few Months

Once you have found the car insurance you want at a good price, you are ready to buy your policy. However, you still need to check rates at least twice a month. With sites like Amigo Insurance making quote comparison shopping a simple five-minute process, there’s really no downside. If you can find a new policy that will save you $100 or more per year, then it might make sense to change it. 

Don’t feel bad about canceling your current or expired policy. It should only take you a few minutes, and you never know; your insurer could offer you a discounted rate that matches the competition. Insurance carriers have entire departments that handle customers who cancel their policies, so don’t get stressed about it.    

Thanks to sites like Amigo Insurance, getting cheaper car insurance is easier than ever. Start your free quote and see how much you can save in a few short minutes. Get lower rates today and save hundreds on the exact coverage you need.