We are an Insurance Agency providing you with a choice of many companies and products to choose from. We believe that everyone is different and we all have different needs. So come on in, look around, and drop us a line if you see any plans that would interest you. We put the time into researching the very best Companies and Products so you don’t have to and we have products that you can apply for right now from the comfort of your own computer.

amigo auto insurance

You’ll probably be changing insurance companies several times during your driving lifetime. The tips Amigo Auto Insurance will provide you with will be instrumental to your pursuit of low-cost auto insurance and should be remembered when shopping around and comparing premiums. We are not just an Insurance Company pushing one product.

Minimum Underwriting Requires

Once you are insured with Amigo Auto Insurance, you can expect to have access to multiple other services such as Renters Insurance, Homeowners Insurance, and even Traffic Bond Cards that can save you a ton of money in traffic violations.

To save a lot of time and effort, make sure that all the drivers and vehicles in your household meet the prospective companies’ minimum underwriting requirements. You can accomplish this by knowing your driving record and those of the other members of your home. If in doubt, you can verify this through your local department of motor vehicles. Once that’s achieved, make phone calls to the various insurance companies or their agents/brokers in your local area and ask them for their driving records and vehicle-type requirements.

Amigo Auto Insurance – The Art of Finding the Lowest Bates

Amigo auto insurance comparison website is the #1 insurance shopping site. Enter your zip code now into the search box above to see instant quotes from the local insurance companies offering the lowest rates. Go step by step until your quote is successfully completed. It only takes two minutes to find out how much you will be saving with Amigo Auto Insurance.

Regardless of who you are insured with right now, the New Amigo Auto Insurance brings you a new choice for saving on your auto insurance bill without compromising your coverage and the quality of the service you deserve. Why pay more to insure your vehicles in your hometown if you can always have better coverage and pay way less than what you are paying right now.

Customer Service Experience

We take pride in our top of the line customer service experience, when you call us please don’t expect to talk to a sales representative that just wants to push products down your throat, instead expect a sincere and honest auto insurance agent that is highly qualified to provide you with options at the same time of giving you the best quote ever on your auto insurance policy.

After several calls, you’ll discover that the minimum driving record requirements usually demand no more than either one chargeable accident or no more than one moving violation per person or family over three years.

Compare Quotes

Amigo Auto insurance website allows you to compare up to a dozen quotes from the top-rated companies in your state. You may discover that several companies require an absolutely clean record for all persons they initially insure. But don’t be taken back by all of this because, as a rule of thumb, the stricter the underwriting requirements, the lower the rates.

Please seek the advice of friends, neighbors, relatives, or business associates when narrowing down your list of potential insurers because their many years of firsthand experience with these insurance companies can be pretty illuminating.

Cheapest Auto Insurance – Shopping Around

Ensure that you’re getting the lowest quotes from the Amigo Auto insurance website. Make the prospective insurers fully aware of the premium saving changes and adjustments you have made due to the recommendations in the previous chapters. For example, you are now taking public transportation or carpooling to work so that your driving usage category is at its lowest. Please use less than 30 round-trip miles per week, including driving to work. You now leave your newest car at home and take the older one without the comprehensive collision coverages to work.

Collision Deductible

You’re raising the amount of the collision deductible on all your vehicles. You now drive less than 7,500 miles per year because of the out-of-sight gas price. The accident you had two years ago was not your fault, and you can prove it, and your teenagers are occasional drivers who operate their clunkers exclusively and should be rated only on those cars.

Also, make the prospective insurers that you found on our website fully aware of all the discounts you’re entitled to the multi-car discount, the safe driver or accident-free discount, the non-principal operator discount for youthful drivers, and the driver training and good student discounts, the low mileage discount, the pleasure use discount, etc. Obtain at least a half dozen quotes from Amigo Auto Insurance providers before narrowing your list to a few selected companies.